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Hair regeneration treatment with stem cells (REGENERA)



This treatment is a procedure based on the latest advances in regenerative medicine that uses autologous hair transplant obtained from the patient’s tissue, allowing the strengthening and enrichment of the number of progenitor cells in the skin.

It is indicated especially in cases of diffuse alopecia. Ideal to use in combination with other techniques such as FUSS/FUE hair transplants.

Thanks to this treatment we help to regenerate and visibly improve the quality and density of the scalp.

antes y después de regeneracion capilar

How is the proccess?

  1. Obtaining stem cells: After local anesthesia, the extraction of three follicles from the occipital area is carried out and transferred to the Regenera team of stem cells.
  2. A small piece of tissue is inserted into the kit along with 1 ml of sterile physiological saline.
  3. The specific kit is inserted in the Regenera equipment and the disintegration process is started, which can take between two and four minutes, depending on the type of fabric and the desired result.
  4. Infiltration of the cells with a micropuncture procedure in the receptor area, with a technique similar to that of capillary mesotherapy.

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