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Which bariatric surgery is the best?

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Which bariatric surgery is the best?

Obesity is one of the diseases that most affect our society because what was an aesthetic problem turned to be a serious health problem.

Each day is easier to eat wrong, the frenetic rhythm we are on and more processed product s make our diet not the correct one.

According to the WHO (World Health Organisation) people that have obesity have more possibilities to suffer health problems derived as:

  • Hypertension (High blood pressure)
  • High blood glucose or diabetes
  • High level of cholesterol and triglycrides
  • Heart problems
  • Bone and joints problems
  • High possibilities of suffering any type of cancer

How to differentiate obesity from overweight?

To distinguish overweight from obesity we will use the Body Mass Index (BMI), that is calculated using height and weight. We can differentiate among:

  • BMI of 25 to 29,9 – Overweight
  • BMI of 30 to 34,9 – Obesity type 1 (low risk)
  • BMI of 35 to 39,9 – Obesity type 2 (moderated risk)
  • BMI equals or over 40 – Obesity type 3 (high risk)

Who need Bariatric Surgery?

The possible candidates for this kind of intervention are the ones that have type 3 obesity, in other words, the ones that have a body mass index over 40, and that tried some diet and physical exercise to loose weight but didn’t reach their objective.
Also can be a suitable candidate who have a BMI over 35 but at the same time have some disease related to obesity as diabetes or high blood pressure.
In case of people with BMI between 30 and 35, there are severe requirements so the patients choose Bariatric Surgery.

Which is the best Bariatric Surgery?

Logically, we can’t say that one surgery is better than others. Each one has its advantages that can work better depending on the patient.

Gastric Bypass

This treatment is the most used in patients that need Bariatric Surgery to loose weight. Moreover, it is the most used in theses cases, because doctors use it since 40 years ago.
It is a laparoscopic technique in which we reduce stomach size till it’s between 15 to 30 ml, and it is connected directly to the small intestine, reducing like this the calorie absorption. At the same time the food amount that the patient needs to be satiated is reduced, because the stomach size is decreased.

Tubular gastroplasty or Sleeve gastrectomy

With this alternative, 75% to 80% of the stomach is removed, specially the part that produces appetite hormone.
A narrow tube or sleeve is created to replace the removed part of the stomach. It is a very safe technique and with fast recovery. Also in this case, when the stomach reduction is done, the patient will feel less appetite than before operation.

Gastric banding or Gastric Ring

Gastric banding is located in the upper part of the stomach, creating a small bag in which the food passage to the stomach is produced through a small conduit, what cause emptying food process delay, causing an early satiety feeling.

Banding size can be adjusted in time to patient’s need. This is one of the advantages, as its low risk. Despite, it is the less used treatment by the specialists in our clinic.

In ilahy clinics we are leaders in this kind of surgery in the Valencian Community, because we are the aesthetic medicine and surgery clinic of IMED Hospitals, which provides safety and trust, because IMED hospitals have cutting-edge technology and the best facilities, making consultations, interventions and further follow-up at the same place.

If you think  you can be a candidate for this type of surgery and you have any queries, ask for your free medical appointment and let the specialist answer your questions.


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