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Eyebrow and beard transplant

trasplante de cejas y barba

The aesthetic function of the eyebrows is fundamental. The eyebrows possess a transcendental aesthetic function, since it provides the face with expression and character.

Eyebrows can:

  • Enhance the beauty of the eyes, because it makes them bigger and more expressive.
  • Radiate and enhance the look.
  • Provide symmetry to the face.
  • Increase the youth of the person.
  • Soften or harden the expression.
  • Makes the face look more sophisticated or more natural.
  • Define facial features.

The implant of eyebrows is an exercise of absolute precision. This intervention is possible thanks to the hair transplant technique with the FUE technique.

Eyebrow transplantation is a very safe, effective and minimally invasive procedure and with which you can recover your eyebrows in just one intervention.

In the same way, a beard transplant can be performed on men who want to mark their features with it.

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