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Why capillary micrografts are trendy ?

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Why capillary micrografts are trendy ?

Capillary micrograft is a surgical intervention which goal is to restock depopulated hair areas. Alopecia can affect, although it may not always be apparent,man and woman and treatment is applicable to both of them.

Micrografts consist in recover hair lost through a capillary auto transplant. Because it is patient’s own hair there is no possibility of rejection. It is a simple intervention and with no pain, that is performed with local anaesthetic and no need of hospitalization.

Because it is a surgical intervention, the process has to be performed in an OR prepared for it. In ilahy we are specialists in capillary interventions and we have IMED hospitals technology and facilities.

Why there is more and more people that perform it? Hair loss was till some years ago a lost battle, specially for man, that saw little by little their hair loss, which affected their self-steem.

It is so popular among man that want to stop hair loss because it has effective results, lasting and it look very natural, because it is their own hair. Moreover, more and more celebrities recognised that they entered in the OR. International background we have John Travolta, the football player Wayne Rooney or Nicolas Cage, and from our country Rafa Nadal, the TV presenter Hilario Pino and Julio Iglesias.

Types of capillary micrograft

Capillary transplant can be performed in any part of the body in which there is or there was hair. There are 2 types of techniques that underscore above the rest to perform this kind of transplant:

FUSS Technique or “ strip ”

Fuss technique is the most used nowadays. It consist in removing hair of the nape through a fine skin strip with hair. The strip normally has between 15 and 50 cm long. It remains an imperceptible scar of the removed area. This technique is chosen because:

·        A high number of follicle units are obtained and grafted.

·        The percentage of follicle units removed in the preparation is minimal.

·        There is need of less sessions to obtain good results according to density, with less economic cost

FUE technique

This is the most advanced technique that exist nowadays, removing follicles individually from the donor area with no need of stitches and without lineal scars. Candidates for it are people that have:

·        Controled and limited hair loss

·        Limited extention scar alopecia

·        Patients that wish to have short hair and prefer to avoid scars

·        Patients with initial donor areas of low density

·        Patients that want to conceal previous transplant scars

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