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Am I a candidate for a gastric balloon?

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Am I a candidate for a gastric balloon?

The gastric balloon is one of the best solutions that exist nowadays against obesity and overweight.

This method consists in introducing a silicone balloon through the stomach till the esophagus. When it is placed, it is filled with saline serum to fill the space. The gastric balloon is very popular because of its effectiveness and it has the advantage that there is no need of surgery, because as we already explained it is introduced through the esophagus.

Thanks to this, we achieve a satiety feeling that make us need less food. With the balloon help and a good diet, we will reach our ideal weight. The balloon will be removed in 6 months, meanwhile we would have taught our body to eat less and better.

Ideal candidate for the gastric balloon

The most suitable people to have this treatment are those patients that have overweight and with obesity grade I or II. So, the gastric balloon is recommended for patients with BMI (Body Mass Index) over 35 and patients with BMI between 30 and 34,9 with moderated risks for their health related with obesity.

These patients tried with diets but with no results or what is worst, they have suffered the “rebound effect” and now they weight more than before starting diet, not mentioning also how it can affect health all these rough weight changes. This treatment is recommended also for people that can’t gain weight because it can be risky for their health, they can have metabolic diseases or heart risks. We can include also people with overweight that can’t have aggressive operations because it can turn to be risky.

In all cases, we give always to the patients a personal and individualized assistance, so it has to be a specialized doctor that have to evaluate your own case and recommend the most suitable treatment according to your  lifestyle and regarding your personal features. Because the clinic is settled in IMED Hospitals, you can have all the process done in the same place.

Diet after gastric balloon

Diet will be adapted to each patient, but there are some basic guidelines that all patients with gastric balloon have to follow.

Before the balloon implementation, the patient has to follow a 3-4 days liquid diet so the stomach is free at the moment of the placement.

During the 2 first days the diet will only be liquids, with isotonic drinks that will help us to rehydrate. It is possible to feel sickness during these days, because your body will have to adapt to the new gastric balloon.

From this time, solid food would be introduced again slowly, going from the liquid phase to semi-liquid, and finally end with normal diet.

In ilahy we have a 6 months follow-up program to complete the treatment and assure that the patient is learning how to eat properly and achieve weight loss.

If you think you are among the ideal candidates for a gastric balloon, you can have your first free consultation so a doctor from ilahy advice you about your personal case.


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