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Hair Transplants FUSS and FUE

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Hair transplants can be performed on any part of the body where there is or has been hair. There are two types of techniques used for transplantation:

Technical FUSS or ‘strip’

This technique involves removing a strip of scalp tissue and then dissecting it, separating the follicular units to be implemented in the area to restore. Then the wound is closed by suture trichophytic aesthetics, allowing that the residual scar is an almost imperceptible fine line where, over time, the hair grows.


The follicular units are removed one by one by microincisions, less than 1mm, which are made using a specific instrument. It works on a superficial level and leaves no scar.   Although both techniques are interesting, and it depends which is most appropriate for each patient, some of the advantages of the FUE technique over the classical “pulls” are:

  • Minimally invasive nature.
  • No scar, allowing the patient to have very short hair.
  • Removing hair from other parts of the body, BHR (body hair transplant or transplant body hair).
  • Simple and quick postop.


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