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Ilahy Clinics, NEW Liposuction by Radiofrequency HD

Atención, la fecha de publicación de este artículo es 27-06-2018. Su contenido puede haber quedado desactualizado.

Ilahy Clinics, NEW Liposuction by Radiofrequency HD

Ilahy, aesthetic medicine and surgery clinic of IMED Hospitals, we bet for innovation with the objective of offering to our patients the best results, that is why we added the Liposuction by Radiofrequency High Definition, a new technique more accurate than traditional liposuction. Because it is less invasive, it is better for fat elimination.

With this technique we will have a faster recovery, we will shorten recovery time and moreover we will reduce flaccidity thanks to Radiofrequency effect because it is less invasive.

Because it is High Definition, with this type of liposuction we will not only achieve fat elimination, but also to shape and model our body, from the smallest areas till the biggest ones.

What is the procedure of the technique Liposuction by Radiofrequency HD?

The Liposuction by Radiofrequency High Definition is a new technique that removes fat in a safe way and less traumatizing than the traditional one, at the same time it stimulates the collagen and elastin creation, so it reaches the skin tension to eliminate possible flaccidity.

This technique reduce local fat in different points of the body through liposuction and, through radiofrequency,  stimulates the skin retraction to model the body  in a harmonious and accurate way, having a definition that normal liposuction can’t.

The Liposuction by Radiofrequency HD (high definition) is performed in the operating room with sedation and local or spinal anaesthetics. The surgeon use cannulas to suck fat and a cannula that generate bipolar radiofrequency. The radiofrequency heats tissues and clots the vessels. The result is less blood loss with less risk and faster post operation recovery and of course more skin retraction with better possibility to have a more beautiful body shape.

Who is indicated for?

The Liposuction by Radiofrequency HD is indicated for all patients that want a liposuction, especially those who need to treat difficult areas of the body. Moreover is really indicated in patients with skin flaccidity or those who have adipose deposits really marked where the risk of skin irregularity formation is higher after traditional surgery.

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