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Aesthetic Facial Medicine

Would you like to rejuvenate the appearance of your face without going under the knife? In ILAHY, within the hospital environment of IMED Hospitals, we offer you different facial aesthetic medicine treatments to treat skin blemishes, apply facial fillers or rejuvenate your face with facial mesotherapy.

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tratamiento facial con botox


Botulinum toxin treatment


Get rid of bags Treatment

Eliminate bags and rejuvenate your face

relleno facial

Facial filler

It eliminates fine lines. Increase of lips, cheekbones

earfold orejas de soplillo


Correct prominent ears

tratamiento láser rejuvenecedor

Co2RE Laser Facial Rejuvenation

Removes stains and blemishes

mesoterapia piel

Facial Mesotherapy

A younger face with superhidratacion and luminosity



Returns the freshness to your skin

eliminar manchas de la piel

Removing skin blemishes

Get a uniform skin tone



Models your face naturally

mesoterapia metabolismo

Silicon Mesotherapy

Regulate and stimulate the cells and metabolism

radiofeecuencia facial

Facial Radio frequency

Rejuvenating your face


Platelet facial revitalization

Improve the quality of the skin, through the use of plasma

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