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Unit of comprehensive treatment of obesity

IMED Hospitals has created a complete unit for multidisciplinary and comprehensive approach to obesity. A team of surgeons, endoscopists , psychologists, endocrinologists, nutritionists, anesthesiologists, plastic surgeons and aesthetic doctors will advise and help you solve your weight problems.

Unit of comprehensive treatment of obesity gives you :

  • Multidisplinar obesity approach.
  • Team of surgeons and endoscopists first level.
  • Previous study and personalized follow-up of each case.
  • Various surgical and endoscopic options, valuable depending on the case.
  • Full support of health professionals of IMED Hospitals.

Bariatric Surgery and Endoscopy

IMED has the best specialists and surgeons endoscopists , applying the latest techniques for the treatment of obesity :

  • Bariatric surgery: gastric bypass and sleeve gastrectomy.
  • Endoscopic surgery: intragastric balloon and POSE method.
balón intragástrico

Intragastric Balloon

Treatment against obesity, without surgery


Adjustable Gastric Balloon

12 months ball to lose more weight

reduccion estomago sin incisiones

POSE thinning without incisions

Stomach reduction without incisions


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