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Gastric Balloon 12 months

Gastric Balloon

* Financing for 60 months, with 18% opening costs. Promotion valid until 30/06/2024. Consult conditions in your clinic.

Have you tried all kinds of diets to lose weight and have not been successful? If this is your can then you may need to lose weight through an intragastric balloon. This is a small sphere of silicone which is introduced into the stomach, and is left in the stomach for 12 months occupying volume.

This will produce a decrease in hunger and a feeling of satiety. It makes it manageable to lose weight and it is easier to follow a healthier diet and exercise.

Price of a gastric balloon

The ILAHY obesity unit at IMED Hospitals, has a team of surgeons, endoscopists, psychologists, endocrinologists, nutritionists, anesthesiologists, aesthetic doctors and plastic surgeons to assist you throughout the process. A full intragastric ball treatment has a price from € 79 at month.

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