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Treatments against alopecia in man and woman

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Treatments against alopecia in man and woman

Alopecia is the abnormal loss of hair and it is a result of a pathological process. Alopecia causes are different and to detect them is a challenge for the doctor and the patient.

Hair loss is more comun than we think and it affects people of all ages and sex. There are many types of alopecia, even if androgenetic alopecia is the most comun.

If you have observed for some time that your hair is weaker, you find more hair on the shower, pillow or comb, than normally you do, maybe this is the first symptom of alopecia. You should go as soon as possible to a specialised clinic in capillary treatments where you will be diagnosed, by specialised doctors, about your alopecia type, possible causes and you will have some advice about the different options to treat hair loss.

Alopecia treatment in ilahy

In a practical way, when the first consultation with the alopecia patient takes place, is recommended to difference the woman and man alopecia pattern because both of them have different treatments.

Every patient is unique and need, of course, a personalised treatment depending on his clinical history, the suitable examination of the hair and the cause.

In ilahy, we have a Capillary Unit with doctors and surgeons specialised in capillary treatments that can make an accurate diagnosis and offer the most suitable treatment. For that we have:

Capillary micro-transplant, maybe the only permanent therapeutic option against alopecia.

Also known as capillary micro-graft, nowadays we have two techniques. FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction or Individual follicle extraction) and FUSS (Follicular Unit Strip Surgery). The first one, FUE, is a technique of capillary graft based on the selective or individual extraction of pilose follicles of the donor area for its later implant.

Nowadays this technique is considered as the most advanced capillary transplant technique that exists. It consists as its name shows in removing one by one the follicles of the donor area without stitches and scars. Once removed, these units (1, 2, 3 or 4 hair with the perifocular structures) are transplanted using an accurate technique on the areas that you want to recover. The technique of capillary graft FUSS is based on the extraction of a scalp strip of 20 cm long and 1 cm wide, from where the pilose follicles will be removed for the later implant. The FUSS technique implies local anaesthetics and in some cases sedation, as well as scars or stitches.

Capillary mesotherapy

It is a therapeutic technique that consists on the application through a series of surface intradermal injections of different pharmacological formules that depends on the type and grade of pathology to treat.

Amino acids, vitamins, trace elements, vasodilators… to counteract the capillary weakening.

Platelet-Rich capillary Plasma

Among all the mesotherapy treatments we have this treatment based on the introduction through microinjections of plasma-rich in growth factors that liberates patient platelets, removed previously.

Its application stimulates the collagen and increases the vascularization on the pilose follicle level. It is indicated to stop hair loss in man and woman and to enhance the regeneration.

REGENERA treatment with stem cells

It is a new Procedure non surgical that stops capillary aging and favors the onset of new hair on the affected areas by alopecia.

The innovation that offer RGENERA is with stem-cells use to regenerate hair. REGENERA is based on the application of autologous micro-grafts to repair and restore the tissue function as the bone, cartilage, skin and, why not?, the hair.

Different studies showed that the use of stem-cells derived from the fat as other elements and substances (pericytes, endothelium, preadipocytes…) as responsible of the beginning of the anagen phase of the hair cycle, in other words, of the hair growth.

The new medical-aesthetic advances can stop the alopecia problem in man and woman.

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