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Stomach reduction without incisions: POSE

POSE Method price 2019

Reducing stomach without incisions, POSE, is performed entirely by mouth with a simple endoscopy and involves making a series of folds in the gastric fundus to modify the size of the stomach to reduce its capacity, and in the antrum to slow its emptying.

The goal is to generate a sense of constant satiety so that the patient feels satisfied by eating a small amount of food. If you suffer from obesity (grade I and II) or are overweight, and you have tried dieting but have always failed, or have even had an intragastric balloon but have regained the lost weight, you can regain your health, your self esteem and improve your quality of life – the POSE surgery is your best choice.

Why use the “POSE Method”?

  • Permanent Results
  • No hospitalization
  • No open surgery, all endoscopic
  • After just 48h you can carry on with your usual activities

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