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Adjustable Gastric Balloon 12 months

Among the treatments for overweight patients and obesity, the intragastric balloon has been shown as an effective non-surgical treatment for weight loss. However, experts have found that it loses its effect after 3-4 months of starting treatment and can only remain in the stomach for six months. balón intragástrico ajustable With the Adjustable Ball it is possible to lose twice as much weight than with former intragastric balloons as it solves these limitations:

  1. Duration 1 year. Adjustable Ball has the necessary authorization to be usable for 12 months, twice as long as the traditional balls. Now it is possible to lose more weight, since it can be safely used for longer we than the classic intragastric balloon.
  2. Adjustable. You can change the size and volume of the ball throughout treatment, adapting it to the specific needs of each patient. This prevents the feeling of fullness throughout the treatment and this way intolerances and rejections are reduced.
  3. More weight loss. With the old ball 80% of the weight was dropped in the first 3 months of treatment, from there, the stomach starts recovering its appetite. The doctor can change the size and volume of the Adjustable ball to recover the feeling of gastric fullness and help the patient continue losing weight.
  4. More tolerance and fewer rejections. If a patient feels significant discomfort after placement and feels it fits loosely, you may adjust its size and prevent premature removal of the ball.
  5. Safer. Thanks to its unique system of spontaneous anchoring the BAS is safer. Although all of the liquid from the ball is lost, the surgical fastener system prevents the ball from moving through the duodenum. This means it always stays in the stomach in reach of the endoscope.

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