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Gastric Sleeve

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What is it the gastric sleeve?

Gastric sleeve is the less invasive technique on bariatric surgeries. It consist in definitive stomach reduction by laparoscopy. More than the 80% of the stomach is removed, reducing its size and also patients appetite. This way it generates satiety and it last in time. In the Nutrition and Obesity Unit of ilahy clinics, gastric sleeve is also completed with full diet follow-up during 12 months. With this check-up programme we achieve the patient to lose weight and gain health, changing habits forever.

Who is  the gastric sleeve indicated for?

  • Patients with BMI over 60, because of high risk in the performance of a difficult technique. Weight loss is achieved this way and when the risk decreases, if the patient need it, we perform a second intervention that complete the bypass or duodenal switch.
  • Patients with severe medical problems that aren’t advised to perform a complex technique.
  • Patients with low BMI (35-43)
  • Teenagers that aren’t recommended to perform an aggressive surgery

Advantages of gastric sleeve in ilahy

This type of intervention has some advantages that make the treatment really attractive. It is a procedure that imply an easy recovery and that doesn’t have severe direct side effects. Moreover, another  technique more difficult can be added, also by laparoscopy, further on.

Results of the gastric sleeve

The gastric sleeve will help the patient as an implement to lose weight and change habits definitely. After its placement between 12 kg and 45 kg can be lost, but to achieve the objective will be very important that the patient make full follow-up that come along with the treatment and that he follows the Unit specialists indications. When there is weight loss the risk of developing a cardiovascular disease, diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol,  it is reduced, all of them can cause severe heart problems.

Specialists in gastric sleeve

In ilahy we are leaders in the Valencian Community in this kind of surgery, getting the best results. Use your first free appointment and come visit us.

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