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Co2RE Laser Facial Rejuvenation (CO2RE)

Laser Facial Rejuvenation

Facelifts with Co2 fractional laser (Co2RE) is a modern therapy for skin rejuvenation, ideal for those seeking a more youthful skin, improving tone, texture and brightness of the skin, with quick and lasting results.

This facial rejuvenation treatment is particularly suitable for:

  • Sun damaged skin.
  • Spots on the skin.
  • Fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Skin discoloration.
  • Rough texture.
  • Acne scars and other imperfections.

Its main advantage is its effectiveness, with visible results from the first session.

The recovery of the patient after treatment is immediate and they can lead a normal life.

How the Co2 Fractional Laser works

The skin is treated with an array of spots of laser light varying in intensity, depending on skin type and desired results. The facial Co2RE offers up to 6 treatment modes:

  • Light Co2RE surface treatment on the skin, increasing the proliferation of epidermal cells.
  • Mid Co2RE: treatment that penetrates the skin more deeply, getting an ablative effect and producing tissue between the epidermis and dermis.
  • Co2RE Deep: treatment that penetrates more deeply in the skin, achieving greater ablative effect and producing tissue in the dermis.
  • Fusion Co2RE: treatment optimally combines an ablative effect and production of tissue both in the epidermis and the dermis.
  • Rejuvenation traditional way
  • Excision mode


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