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Glow Up Pack

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The aim of the Glow Up packs is to combat the most common signs of ageing, including signs of fatigue such as drooping eyebrows, bags and skin blemishes, as well as sagging and loss of facial volume, such as nasolabial folds, jowls and sagging cheeks. Rather than treating specific areas of the face, Glow Up is a comprehensive solution that seeks to treat the face as a whole.

The treatment uses different techniques and products to achieve a natural “facial harmony” and rejuvenate the face. After a personalized skin diagnosis, the doctor will determine which products to use and how many vials will be necessary to achieve the desired results. The treatment is performed without surgery and uses minimally invasive techniques that do not require hospitalization.

Among the products that the doctor can select for treatment are Radiesse, Ultradeep, RHA4, Juvederm 3…, and different areas of the face can be treated, such as between the eyebrows, forehead, crow’s feet, cheekbones, lips and the facial oval.

The benefits of the treatment include restoring the skin to a healthy and well-groomed appearance in a natural way, as well as combating the most common signs of ageing.

Las ventajas del tratamiento incluyen devolver a la piel su aspecto sano y cuidado de manera natural, así como combatir los signos más comunes del envejecimiento.

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