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Different types of stomach reduction without surgery

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Different types of stomach reduction without surgery

Overweight and obesity are problems that affect every day more and more people and are not easy to fight against it.

A high Body Mass Index (BMI) that is calculated dividing the weight in kilos by the square of his height in meters (kg/m2), it is an important risk factor of diseases as:

  • Cardio-vascular
  • Locomotor system disorders
  • Diabetes
  • Cancer (breast, endometrium, prostate…)

The risk of having one of these diseases increases with a high BMI. Most of us are informed about these problems and we took several times diets that don’t achieve the objective or that even it was achieved as with a rebound effect that sometimes is even worst.

If we tried to reduce our weight with diets or exercise but we couldn’t reach the objective, there are two types of stomach reduction without surgery that are perfect for the patient’s safety because it is not necessary to make external cuts or scars, that makes easier the post-operation and shorter recovery and less painful.

These are the two techniques that allow making a stomach reduction through the mouth, endoscopic via.


POSE method

It is stomach reduction treatment without incisions, performed through oral via under anaesthetics (because of this is important that the treatment is performed by specialists in a hospital center), where the specialist will make some folds on the stomach to reduce the volume.

You will have less hungry feeling and your body will begin to burn fat in a natural and effective way. It is the method less invasive to lose weight, without pain or post-treatments, with an immediate recovery.

Following a healthy diet and some healthy life habits, the results will be progressive and forever.

IntraGastric Balloon

The IntraGastric Balloon is placed by a simple procedure and not annoying for the patient.

A silicone balloon is introduced through the aesophagus via endoscopy. Once it is placed it is filled with saline serum so it fills the space. This process takes 20 minutes and the patient can even go back home when the procedure is finish.

The balloon makes us feel more quenched and reduce anxiety for eating and hungry. A suitable diet has to be follow to lose weight in a natural way and have good nutrition habits. When these habits are consolidated, the balloon is removed after some months. Depending on the time the intragastric balloon is on the stomach can be 6 months or adjustable of 12 months, so this one is more rugged and lasting, adapting to patient’s needs.

These two methods have a follow-up program, of 6 months in case of the IGB 6 months and 1 year for the POSE method and the IGB of 1 year. This program includes:

  • Weekley medical check-up with weight control
  • 6 avdanced nutrition consultations
  • Carboxitherapy and presotherapy session each 15 days
  • Bioimpedance each 15 days, to calculate body fat of the patient

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