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Tired legs treatment

tired legs

*  Promotion valid until 31/08/2021. Consult on your clinic.

If in summer you suffer from pain, tingling and heaviness in your legs, you have to try the treatment for tired legs designed by the aesthetic doctors of ilahy clinics.

A complete program that includes 6 sessions of cold bandages and 6 sessions of pressotherapy, whose immediate effects are very notable: increases blood circulation, eliminates toxins, reduces accumulated fat, cellulite and fluid retention, prevents the appearance of varicose veins, improves sagging and reduces swelling and leg fatigue. Show off perfect legs this summer!

What does ilahy’s tired legs program include?

Relax and comfort for your legs with this program that includes:

  • 6 sessions of cold bandages, compression bandages that are applied soaked in a solution composed of alcohols and other natural products, whose effects increase blood circulation in the area, mobilize accumulated fat, firm tissues, eliminate toxins, retained fluids, with an effect anti-inflammatory that reduces edema or swelling.
  • 6 sessions of Pressotherapy, a girdle that uses air pressure as a massage to eliminate toxins, accumulated fat, fluid retention and cellulite in the legs.


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