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Intragastric Balloon 12 months

gastric balloon price 2021

* Financing for 60 months, with 12,50% opening costs. Promotion valid until 31/08/2021. Consult conditions in your clinic.

The intragastric balloon is usually the first option to treat obesity without surgery. The procedure is very simple, without any discomfort for the patient. A silicone balloon is inserted through the esophagus into the stomach with an endoscopic technique. Once lodged in the stomach, it is filled with saline to take up space.

This process only takes 20 minutes and the patient can return home immediately. It reduces the sensation of hunger and following a proper diet it is possible to lose weight naturally. After a few months, the balloon is removed and the patient can continue to lose weight if good dietary habits have been consolidated.

Intragastric balloon types

  • The gastric balloon for 6 months. During this period the patient will ingest less calories and will habituate to new dietary habits.
  • The adjustable gastric balloon for 12 months.  It is more resistant and durable, so that the patient will lose weight and get used to new dietary habits for longer. Being an adjustable balloon, it is possible to modify its volume adapting to the needs of the patient, thus avoiding intolerances and rejections.

What type of intragastric balloon is recommended?

medical specialists will verify that the patient is suitable for any of these weight loss procedures. The intragastric balloon, in any of its options, is an effective treatment for the loss of weight. ilahy clinics offer a FOLLOW-UP PROGRAMME, This programme includes:

  • Weekly medical check-up with weight control,
  • Advanced nutrition consultations,
  • Session of carboxitherapy and pressotherapy,
  • Bioimpedance, where the patient’s body fat is calculated.

What is the price of the intragastric balloon treatment?

The ilahy clinics have a recognized unit of treatments against obesity, within the environment of IMED Hospitals. Among the many advantages you will have when you are inside a hospital, you can finance the price of the intragastric balloon in comfortable terms with no interest:

  • Gastric balloon of 6 months, at a price of 4.109€.
  • Gastric balloon of 12 months, at a price of 4.851€.

These prices include the mandatory PCR test. The medical team of ilahy has a recognized unit of treatments against obesity, within the environment of IMED Hospitals, to offer you the best guarantee for your health. Remember that the first consultation is free and without obligation. Ask us.

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