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Gastric Endosleeve

Gastric Endosleeve

* Financing for 60 months, with 12,50% opening costs. Promotion valid until 31/07/2024. Consult conditions in your clinic.

The gastric endosleeve is a new stomach reduction treatment without surgery. The capacity of the stomach is reduced between 55% -60%, using 18 plictures throughout the gastric body, endoscopically without the need for incisions or complicated post-operative procedures.

The size of the stomach is substantially reduced, and the feeling of satiety is created in the patient, allowing him to lose weight naturally from the first moment.

This treatment will always be accompanied by a follow-up programme whose objective is food re-education and obtaining a new healthy lifestyle so that you lose excess weight and do not regain it.

For whom is the gastric endosleeve  recommended?

The patient indicated to undergo gastric endosleeve are people with a BMI between 35 and 40, or for patients with a BMI over 40 who do not want surgical treatment.

The objective of this treatment is not only to lose weight, but also to solve the comorbidities associated with obesity: high blood pressure, hypercholesterolemia, diabetes, etc.

What results does the endosleeve have?

With the gastric endosleeve it is possible to lose about 25 kg during the first 9 months. It may even be more with full patient involvement. To obtain the best results, the patient’s commitment to change eating habits are key.

Food re-education is essential to not regain the lost weight. For this reason, at ilahy clinics we offer a complete 18-month follow-up programme with sessions of nutritionist, psychologist, doctor and cosmetic technician. This programme facilitates the acquisition of new healthy habits.

What is the price of the gastric endosleeve?

The gastric endosleeve has a price for 187 €/month. This price includes everything (free informative visit, preoperative tests, intervention, hospitalization …) in addition to a nutritional follow-up programme of 18 months as a gift.

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