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Facelift + Blepharoplasty

Facelift + Blepharoplasty price

* Financing for 60 months, with 12,50% opening costs. Promotion valid until 31/12/2021. Consult conditions in your clinic.

The facelift is a surgical treatment to remove excess skin on the face and neck and tighten your muscles, thus eliminating the signs of sagging and improving the tone and shine on the face.

The blepharoplasty is a surgical treatment to correct droopy eyelids, removing excess skin, muscle and fat from the area around the eyes.

At ilahy we have designed a procedure to perform a lifting in the middle third of the face in a single intervention to tighten the skin of the cheekbones and around the eyes, together with a lower blepharoplasty to correct the fat bags and grooves of the lower eyelids.

The treatment also includes a pack of 3 Exilis Elite sessions to improve results.

This facial surgery has a price of € 102 / month all inclusive, and includes a preoperative study with a PCR test, all hospitalization and post-surgical reviews, as well as 24 hours of medical care.

  • Reduce the signs of aging with natural results.
  • 100% financing.
  • 1st free consultation.
  • Safety in a hospital environment such as IMED Hospitals.
  • Preoperative study with PCR test.
  • Integral reviews programme.
  • 3 Exilis Elite sessions.

What is the facelift?

The effects of age, prolonged exposure of the skin to the sun or daily stress cause the appearance of sagging and folds in the face. These signs of age become especially visible in the area around the mouth, eyes, eyebrows and neck. As a solution of this lack of elasticity and firmness in the skin, the facelift will try to remove excess skin by surgical intervention.

A preoperative study is carried out to assess the suitability of the intervention and how the surgery will be according to each patient. The intervention is performed through local anesthesia and sedation.

The surgeon will make a minimal incision in the scalp over the hairline and extends behind the ears so that the scar is camouflaged. Then the excess tissue is removed and the muscle, skin and fat layers are tightened. Once the procedure is finished, the incisions are sutured with stitches. This surgery can be combined with a blepharoplasty.

The patient leaves the operating room with dressings and bandages on the head, and with a drainage system to prevent accumulation of exudate or blood, which will be removed the next day. Usually the facelift usually needs a night of hospitalization. The discomfort that the patient could have during the first days is controlled with analgesics and will disappear after a few days.

Following a specific care, after 3 weeks you can continue social and work life, disappearing inflammation in the face and showing very natural results.

What is the blefaroplasty?

The eye area, its shape and expression, deteriorates over the years, especially due to the aging of the eyelids. Your skin loses collagen and elastin, which translates into excess skin and a tired-looking effect.

The intervention is performed using local anesthesia and sedation. In the case of lower blepharoplasty, the surgeon will make a transconjunctival incision, under the lower eyelid. In addition to removing fat and sometimes skin, the eyelid is repositioned to reduce eyelid laxity.

After completing the surgery, patients should remain under medical observation for at least one day. After this time they will be able to return to their homes and resume their usual activities after about 3-4 days of rest. Very fine sutures will remain that heal without problem and are practically invisible three months after the intervention.

Following specific care, after 3 weeks social and work life can be resumed, inflammation disappearing and showing very natural results.

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