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Revolutionary: eliminate double chin with Belkyra®

Atención, la fecha de publicación de este artículo es 10-11-2017. Su contenido puede haber quedado desactualizado.

Revolutionary: eliminate double chin with Belkyra®

Double chin plays an important role in the face youth look and neck. A recent survey that was made tocostumers about dermo-aesthetic procedures reveals that the 67% of population affirms to be worried about fatunder the chin and neck, at the same level as the ones that are worried about wrinkles.Ilahy clinic has been chosen among the reference clinics of Spain to offer first hand Belkyra®, the first noninvasive method that eliminates double chin permanently.Our specialist in dermatology and aesthetic medicine, Dr. Gabriela Arana, reveals the main questions about thisoriginal treatment.


Finish with double chin? What seemed impossible, nowadays is real


All of us that are worried about submental fat or “double chin” are lucky now.Finally we had the pleasure of attending to the Belkyra® launching in Madrid this weekend, the onlyINJECTABLE treatment, NON SURGICAL AND PERMANENT for double chin elimination.

What does Belkyra® treatment consists in?

Belkyra® is a product infiltrated with a fine needle in the double chin area, that causes fat cells death and fatelimination. The skin, in response to swelling, retracts and adheres again to the neck’s angle. With that we havethe elimination of the submental fat, a young neck again and a jaw angle more defined, perfect in women andmen.

How long takes the treatment?

With both preparation and treatment, it takes about 30 minutes.

Is it painful?

The infiltrations are a bit uncomfortable, so the use of ice or local anaesthetics can be used, and it is totally simple and painless.

There is a chance of allergy reaction?

No, it is a product that our own organism uses for fat digestion, so it is currently in our body. But to produce it in Belkyra® there is no use of any kind of human or animal derivative, so the allergy reaction risk is nearly nonexistent.

How is it the recovery?

The success of the treatment is based in swelling. During about 3 or 4 days, the area will be slightly off and swollen up, as the fat would have increased in size. It can be covered up with a scarf for example, and there is no need to change daily activities. This swelling will decrease on the next days, and then the retraction and skin tension will be visible.

How many sessions are needed?

It depends on the fat amount in the area (that is classified in grades), it is needed between two and four treatment sessions. We have to point out that the results are noticeable after the second session.

It is really permanent?

Yes. The fat in the area, because of a process called fat lipolysis, dies and is replaced by a new tissue.

belkyra antes y después

Why anybody cared about this problem before?

The truth is that it is a problem that worries everybody from long time ago. In fact, the surveys showed that discomfort with double chin and jaw angle definition lost is as important as wrinkles or spots. But not a lot of people asked for it, because it was considered a “lost battle”. There were only surgical alternatives or liposuction, with work leave and secondary effects risks or important complications. With this new product there is a new era opening where we can solve a problem in a simple and fast way. So, if you feel that your double chin doesn’t fit your way of life or your age, we recommend you to visit us. Never before we had an easiest solution to your problem.

Dra. Arana


Dr. Gabriela Arana
Dermatologist in IMED Hospitales
Aesthetic Medicine specialist of ilahy



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