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Spiculated Tensioning Wires with lifting effect

price tensioning wires 2020

* Promotion valid until 02/29/2020. Consult conditions in your clinic.

The tensioning wires are a technological innovation that allow us to offer a treatment that has never been offered in such a simple way: to redefine the face, recover the volume and reduce wrinkles.

It is a face lift method without surgery, based on the implantation of multiple Polidoxanone (PDO) mini-threads, which forming a vector network acts as a tissue support.

What are spiculated tensioning wires?

The treatment with spiculated tensioning wires was born with the aim of solving sagging and loss of facial contour. These tensile threads, very resistant and that are attached to the skin thanks to small protrusions that facilitate their anchorage (spicules), are inserted under the dermis by a very fine needle.

It creates a kind of mesh under it that is responsible for stimulating the production of collagen, elastin and other elastic tissues, which manages to retain the skin, fill skin depressions and reaffirm the treated area improving sagging and small grooves disappear and wrinkles

It is a treatment that does not require surgery, so the intervention is painless and non-invasive.

Areas where tension wires can be applied

Spiculated tension wires allow:

  • perform an eyebrow lift,
  • reaffirm facial contour,
  • improve wrinkles around the eyes,
  • remove forehead wrinkles and
  • tighten the neck area.

Any type of patients can undergo this treatment. Depending on the state of the skin and each person, its application will be adapted. It is a very advisable treatment when the first wrinkles begin to appear on the face. In addition to improving them, it prevents the appearance of new imperfections.

The great advantage of spiculated tension wires is their duration. Thanks to its resistance and shape in spicules, the duration of the lifting effect is 12-24 months.

Spiculated tensioning wires price

As we have seen, depending on the condition of each patient’s skin, more or less sessions will be required. A 6 tensioning wire units is sufficient for most cases, with a price of only € 390.


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