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Reductor and Anti-cellulite Programme

reductor programme summer 2018 A new body program to reduce localized fat and cellulite, impossible through diet and physical exercise. Get ready for the summer and define your figure with this treatment of 22 sessions:

  • 6 sessions of Carboxytherapy
  • 6 sessions of Mesotherapy
  • 4 sessions of X-Wave
  • 6 sessions of advanced nutrition

All this programme with a promotional price of €33/month *, with interest-free financing. * Financing for 24 months, with a 7% opening commission. Total: € 730

Carboxytherapy to eliminate localized fat

Carboxytherapy is a non-invasive technique that takes advantage of the benefits of carbon dioxide (CO2) to activate blood and lymphatic circulation safely and painlessly. Oxidation of fatty acids in the muscle is enhanced, thus reducing the fat located under the skin of the treated area. Especially effective for the abdomen, hips, back and the famous cartridge belts.

Body mesotherapy to dissolve accumulated fat

Mesotherapy is a minimally invasive technique focused on shaping the figure, very consolidated and with effective results. A customized cocktail of homeopathic substances is prepared, totally safe and biocompatible, whose function is to dissolve accumulated fat and reduce volume.

X-Wave to reduce cellulite

The BTL® X-Wave advanced medical platform, within the minimally invasive NeoIntervention treatments, is capable of eliminating cellulite through high penetration acoustic shock waves. This technology allows cellulite to be treated for the first time at different levels or dermal layers and in its different evolutionary stages.

Advanced nutrition

Nutritional advice is essential to achieve optimal weight. The personalized nutrition programme of ilahy, from a medical basis, includes an initial evaluation of the patient, a diagnosis and personalized diet and a control, advice and follow-up of the patient to modify incorrect eating habits and maintain the optimal weight. We are specialists in aesthetic medicine. The ilahy medical team, its facilities and technology, within the IMED Hospitales environment, are the best guarantee for your health. Remember that the first consultation is free and without obligation. Ask us.

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