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Ultra Reduction Programme: Remodeling Lift + Carboxitherapy + Pressotherapy

ultrareductor programme price

A new intensive Ultra Body Reduction Programme to get a perfect silhouette in a safe and fast way without surgery. It is a program designed by the team of specialists of that combines several body treatments:

  • Carboxitherapy
  • Pressotherapy
  • NEW Remodeling Lift.
  • Personalized nutritional medical plan.

NEW Remodeling Lift . It is a new body treatment that, through the combination of deep radiofrequency and ultrasound exclusively for medical use, removes localized fats resistant to diet and exercise, smoothes cellulite, reshapes the silhouette and reaffirms tissue . It is made with the Exilis Elite technology platform of BTL®.

Pressotherapy is a body treatment to reduce and eliminate cellulite thanks to the action of air pressure. The patient, under a blanket attached to a controlled compression system, undergoes a lymphatic massage that activates blood circulation and lymphatic flow, favoring the elimination of cellulite.

Carboxithetapy is a body treatment to reduce localized fat through CO2 infiltration, which allows to improve the microcirculation and flaccidity of the skin thanks to the oxygenation of the cells, further increasing the production of collagen and elastic fibers.

Personalized nutritional medical plan, which includes an analysis of body composition and nutritional recommendations according to their results, to make treatment more effective.

This is your perfect body treatment to reduce localized flat and cellulite with personalized sessions to get a perfect silhouette. Now you can get the full Ultra Reduction programme at a great price of 48€/month.

For this type of treatments have an optimal and prolonged effect over time it is advisable to be reinforced with dermo-cosmetic products. Take advantage now. You will get a 15% discount on this type of products so you can continue with the treatment at home. Find out in our clinics ilhay

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