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NEW: Fox Eyes, a deeper look

Fox Eyes, a deeper look

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What is the fox eyes treatment?

“Fox Eyes” is the term used to describe this look and one that you won’t stop hearing this season. This procedure, so fashionable, of aesthetic medicine consists of an eyebrow lift through the insertion of fine threads and of resorbable material under the skin. Thanks to this, the specialist elevates and redefines the area, creating a “lifting” type effect.

What is the fox eyes treatment?

During the treatment for fox eyes, the tail of the brow is elevated by infiltrating small doses of Botox. Once this first step is carried out, the threads are placed over it and they are directed towards the temple by means of traction, so that they serve as support to the skin in order to reposition the eyebrows. In this way, that perfectly elevated appearance is achieved, a broader eye and above all to achieve that feline look or fox eyes.

The tensioning threads used in this aesthetic medicine treatment are made of a biocompatible material – polydioxanone, similar to that used in sutures. They are resorbable, thus eliminating the disadvantages of the old (permanent) gold threads, which do not accompany the natural aging process. One of the advantages over old treatments.

Who is fox eyes suitable for?

Patients looking for a raised, ragged, seductive eyebrow, with which the same effect occurs on the eye.

Fox eyes before and after

The results of the fox eyes treatment usually last 12 to 18 months. It does not require surgery, does not cause rejection or allergies, and defines and gives new strength to an area as important as the eyes.

The objective of this innovative treatment is to open the gaze, in order to highlight the outer part of the upper eyelid and the eyebrow to raise and lengthen both in a remarkable way. The result? a seductive and almond look.

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