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Facial rejuvenation with Exilis Elite

radiofrequency facial rejuvenation price 2020

* Promotion valid until 31/08/2020. Consult conditions in your clinic.

The facial rejuvenation treatment with Exilis Elite uses a monopolar radiofrequency equipment, which offers controlled heating and cooling with high precision, applicable to different layers of the skin to be treated.

The Exilis Elite radiofrequency is highly accurate thanks to the impedance control that allows the tissue temperature to be monitored in real time. Thus we can heat the tissue to maximum power, without the patient suffering discomfort, in different layers and depths of the tissue. This thermal effect on facial skin results in:

  • an over-stimulation of the skin to create, in a 100% natural way, the production of essential substances such as collagen (to improve firmness), elastin (for skin flexibility) and hyaluronic acid (for better hydration). Anti-aging, firming and lifting effect.
  • a redensification and modeling of facial areas such as facial oval, chin, eye contour, neck. The balance and harmony of the volumes of the face are essential to generate a younger image. Anti-aging shaping effect.


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