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Facial Minilifting Rejuvenation Programme in 6 sessions

rejuvenation lifting


A new programme of facial rejuvenation to achieve radiant skin, thanks to NeoIntervention treatments, non-invasive techniques with the latest medical technology of ilhay, able to correct wrinkles and folds and redensify the skin with a flash anti-aging effect.

The program includes:

  • 4 sessions of Demolift Plasty, the facial minilifting that is performed with the new technology platform Exilis Elite of BTL®, which causes a thermal effect on the skin and a 100% natural skin stimulation that favors the production of collagen (to give firmness To the skin) and elastin (to give flexibility to the skin).
  • 2 sessions of Mesotherapy Anti-aging Tensor Lift HA, the newanti-aging hyaluronic acid, especially indicated for the stimulation of mature tired skin, with superficial wrinkles. It is particularly effective in smoker skins, mature skins devitalized, and in skins of patients who suffer from stress or live in an area of ​​high pollution.

Get this facial rejuvenation treatment at a price from 77€/ month without interest.

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