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Buttock Liposculpture

price liposculpture 2020

* Financing for 60 months, with 12,50% opening costs. Promotion valid until 02/29/2020. Consult conditions in your clinic.

Get a perfect buttock, firmer and rounded, with liposculpture or buttock augmentation, an increasingly demanded surgical procedure. It includes a preoperative study, the entire hospitalization and a post-surgical gift programme to improve the results quickly.

  • Improves the shape and contour of the buttocks with natural results.
  • 100% financing.
  • 1st free consultation.
  • Safety in a hospital environment such as IMED Hospitals.
  • Integral Post-surgical Program.

NEW 2020! Hiring before the February 29, the treatment includes as a gift a Post-surgical Programme, consisting of 3 sessions of Pressotherapy to improve lymphatic drainage and venous circulation, and 3 sessions of Exilis Elite to release localized fats resistant to diet and physical exercise, smooth cellulite, reshape the silhouette and reaffirm the tissue.

What is buttock liposculpture?

The procedure is performed in the operating room with sedation and local or spinal anesthesia, and lasts approximately 2 hours. The surgeon performs a liposculpture, extracting fat from other areas of the patient’s body where there are clusters such as in the abdomen or thighs. Already in this step it is possible to remodel and harmonize the body contour.

The fat obtained is purified to remove impurities and is enriched before re-injecting it into the buttocks as a body filler. The incision is hidden in the gluteus groove, making it imperceptible. As the material used is autologous, that is, the patient’s own, there is no possibility of rejection or allergies.

In addition to get a larger volume and firmness in the buttocks, liposculpture is able to round very flat, shapeless buttocks or an important asymmetry.


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