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B.R.A. Peeling

peeling price 2021

* Promotion valid until 31/03/2021. Consult conditions in your clinic.

BRA Peeling (Biocell Rejuvenenation Activation) is a new dermatological treatment of facial rejuvenation with peeling effect using tricoloroacetic acid (TCA). An effective, safe and adaptable facial peel, capable of treating the superficial layers of the skin, eliminating fine wrinkles and regaining luminosity.

The most appropriate concentration can be used depending on the indication. With a 15% TCA, an exfoliation is performed to correct slight imperfections of the skin, such as open pores, fine lines of expression, irregular skin texture, uneven tone or dyschromia. With a 30% TCA, a medium exfoliation effect is achieved to correct skin imperfections, indicated for medium and deep wrinkles, sun or age spots or scars.

With one session it is sufficient to get visible results, but a personalized treatment of 3 sessions spaced at 4-week intervals is recommended, varying the intensity of the peeling according to the patient’s need. The complete treatment of B.R.A. Peeling is priced at € 295.

Advantages of BRA Peeling

  • One of the great advantages of this new BRA Peeling is its combination of vitamin C and phytic acid, which prevents post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (pigmentation marks).
  • Get visible and clinically proven results, improving skin texture and providing luminosity.
  • Reduces pores, wrinkles and expression lines, delaying the effects of facial aging.



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